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Well, it's time to hear about the price of Kawasaki ninja rr mono. Super cool and modern motorcycles are sold at a price of Rp. 44.8 million, - for this type of ninja rr mono non-ABS and Rp. 48.9 million, for a type of motor ninja rr mono ABS. Wow, does this exorbitant price can steal your heart to buy it immediately. MOtorsatria

However, this depends on how you react to it. All types and motor design has its advantages and disadvantages. You can decide to buy a bike to your taste by looking on the machine, filtur, specifications and the selling price compared to other products.
Kawasaki Motor Indonesia will provide a breakthrough in the premium class motor in Indonesia by presenting a new motorcycle Kawasaki Z800 after previously introducing naked-sportbike variants Z250. Street fighter motorcycle genre comes with a futuristic design, ergonomic and gahar and technologically more sophisticated features. Actually, this is not a new type Kawasaki because in 2013 ago, KMI has launched Kawasaki Z800 first time in Indonesia. The motors are also one of the highest series of Kawasaki Z series is deliberately presented back with more sophisticated technology to commemorate 40 Years of the presence of products Kawasaki Z series. Z800 moge much loved by fans because of acceleration is steady and ferocious performance. Since it was first launched, this bike is priced at different each year. Remarkably, the price of Kawasaki Z800 'high' do not make a big motorcycle lovers retreat to get this iron horse. harga motor satria fu

Kawasaki Z800 uses a DOHC 4-stroke engine capacity of 806cc and is equipped with water cooling. The engine generates a maximum torque of 83 Nm at 8000 rpm and issue a power of 11 hp at 10,200 rpm rotation because it is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission. Frame and chassis machines used tubular manifold backbone and subframe. So in terms of the kitchen runway and chassis, this bike is really delivers fierce performance in terms of speed and performance. It can be produced because of the digital ignition system that is able to make the combustion in the engine room to be more perfect. No wonder the Z800 are suitable for everyday driving that require high speed. motor satria f150

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